How do Tag1 Quo licenses work?

January 10, 2022

Each site that you want to monitor on Tag1Quo must be granted a license. Licensing is tied to the number of databases: one site license per database. 

A site must have a active, valid license to display project information on your dashboard.

For a site using Domain access, 1 database equals 1 site for Tag1 Quo licensing. Tag1 Quo does not determine if you are using a single installation of Drupal to run 10 different sites.  You may purchase a single site license and install the Tag1 Quo module on one of N sites sharing a database. This provides full coverage for all of your core and contributed modules.  

For a multisite setup with a shared codebase, Tag1 Quo can provide coverage for every site that has the same modules enabled. Disabled projects may appear under an account's Search area, but they do not appear on a site's dashboard, and do not trigger notifications.