Reviewing Updates for Your Tag1 Quo Websites

January 17, 2022

The Search page provides a listing of all the projects of all your sites using Tag1 Quo, with indicators for the status of the site. Insecure projects are listed first, then ones with outstanding updates, followed by unknown and up to date projects.

To search for a site:

  1. Sign in to the Tag1 Quo service.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Search. The Search page displays.
  3. Along the top of the page, you may apply one or more of the following Filters to narrow your search:
    • Enabled: Any for all sites, Yes for enabled sites, or No for disabled sites.
    • Site: This is a free text box where you may type a site name.
    • Extension: This is a free text box where you may filter on an extension name.
    • Version: The extension version. Be as specific as possible, as this will match for anywhere in the version number. For example: 7 matches 7.x, 6.x-7.2, 8.7, etc.
    • Status: Search by module status: Any, Unknown (yellow), Up to date (green), Update available (blue), Custom (yellow), or Insecure (red).
  4. Click Apply to search, or Reset to clear all filters.

When you apply a search, the table in the main page updates. The listed columns align with the table and are sortable, with the addition of the Latest release column which displays the most recent official version of the extension and is not sortable.

Click a row to display a dialog box with more information about the update, including:

  • Current release on your site
  • Type of update (Security, normal, up to date)
  • Suggested patch/patch release, if applicable. More information about the update is available on mouseover.
  • Available patch type. Click TAR.GZ, ZIP, or PATCH to change the suggested update type.
  • A toggle to Ignore this release. Note: If you choose to ignore a specific release update, it may be hidden.