Getting Started: Adding a New Site to Tag1 Quo

January 06, 2022

The first time you log in to Tag1 Quo, you’ll see instructions for adding a site. After the first site, you can add a new website to Tag1 Quo for monitoring from your Tag1 Quo dashboard.

  1. Sign in to your Tag1 Quo account. Your dashboard displays.
  2. In the top menu bar, next to Add Site, click the blue circle with a + (plus) sign. The Add Site dialog box displays. This screen outlines the steps needed to enable Tag1 Quo and add a site to your license.
  3. If Tag1 Quo is not installed on your website:
    1. Click Download now to open the project page for Tag1 Quo.
    2. Click the appropriate version for your website.
  4. Add Tag1 Quo to your website as appropriate for your Drupal version and site setup.
  5. After installing the Tag1 Quo module, configure your site to connect to the service.
    1. In your Tag1 Quo account, click the Copy Token icon to copy the API Token to your clipboard. The API Token is also available from your Profile page.
    2. On your website, navigate to Administer > Site configuration > Tag1 Quo.
    3. Paste the API Token.
    4. Click Save configuration.
  6. Add the site to your license.
  7. To test the connection, click Send manually on your Tag1 Settings page:
    • D6: /admin/settings/tag1quo/status
    • D7+: Configuration > Development > Tag1 Quo > Status (/admin/config/development/tag1quo/status)
  8. Navigate to the dashboard. Your website should display in the next 30 minutes. If it does not, check the API Token to ensure it is correct, or see our Knowledge Base. Updates after this check in occur once every 24 hours.

Repeat these steps for each Drupal site you will be monitoring in Tag1 Quo, using the same API token on all your websites.