Site Configured for Tag1 Quo Does Not Display on Dashboard

December 15, 2021

Sites that do not appear on your dashboard are usually because:

  • The site has not been added to a license.
  • The API token is not validating. If your site does not display on the dashboard, check that you've entered the correct token on your site and saved it.

To ensure your API token is correct and validating:

  1. On your site, visit Tag1 Quo at /admin/settings/tag1quo.
  2. Enter your API token.
  3. Click Save configuration.

If you receive the following error:

Failed to validate token with server. Full details of the transaction 
are in the system log.

There are two potential causes:

  • Firewalls: Do you have a firewall preventing you from making outgoing connection attempts from that server? The Tag1Quo module must connect with the service; the firewall must allow this connection. Check with your network administrator to rule out any firewall or DNS issues.
  • SSL: Are you running an outdated version of OpenSSL? Tag1 Quo strictly disallows SSL handshakes with older known-insecure ciphers, which may cause validation failures.

To test your SSL connection to determine if this is the failure, run the following command from the web server:

curl -I

If this request returns Unknown SSL protocol error, you are running an insecure version of SSL. If you're unable to upgrade SSL on your server, we provide a legacy endpoint allowing you to use our service. To enable the legacy endpoint, add the following line to the appropriate Drupal settings.php configuration file:

$conf['tag1quo_url'] = '';

The Tag1 Quo service should then operate normally for you.