Managing your Tag1 Quo Licenses

December 15, 2021

The Manage Licenses page displays your licensing plan and related plan information.

From this page you can:

  • See the number of licenses assigned to your plan.
  • See the number of licenses in use.
  • View your Estimated monthly cost, based on an average per seat.
  • Add or remove sites from licenses.
  • View the list of Sites using a license, their URLs, and when they did their Last Update to Tag1 Quo.

How do I change what sites are using Tag1 Quo licenses?

You can add or remove websites using Tag1 Quo licenses through the Manage Licenses interface. To manage your licenses:

  1. Sign in to Tag1 Quo.
  2. Click your user icon, and then in the top menu, click Manage Licenses. If you have sites not assigned to a specific license, you can click Manage Licenses in the banner message.
  3. Beneath the plan you are changing, click Manage License.
  4. Add websites to or remove websites from a license.

To add a new site to Tag1 Quo:

Adding a site to Tag1 Quo increases the number of seats in use.

  1. Click Add a site to license. The Add sites to Tag1 Quo dialog box displays.
  2. Select one or more sites to add to your license. Sites are grouped by Drupal version. To add all sites, select the check box for Select all.
  3. Click + Add # site(s) to license. A confirmation message displays, and the site is added to the list.

To remove a site from Tag1 Quo:

Removing a site from Tag1 Quo reduces the number of seats in use for your license plan. If you are low on licenses, you can remove unwanted sites from your plan by following these steps:

  1. Select the check box next to the site to remove. Select the check box next to Site to remove all sites.
  2. Click Remove (#) site(s) from license.
  3. A Remove site from Tag1 Quo confirmation dialog displays, listing the sites you have selected to remove. Click Remove # site(s) from license to confirm, or close the dialog box with the x to cancel. A confirmation message displays, and the site is removed from the list.