Defining Tag1Quo configuration using settings.php

December 15, 2021

You can specify some settings for the Tag1 Quo module in your settings.php file.

  • API_TOKEN - store your authentication token in a file, instead of the database.
  • SITE_ID - associate a specific website instance with a Tag1 Quo site that has already been assigned to a license.
  • Module enable/disable - You may want your site to only report to Tag1 Quo from a specific environment. See Where should I install Tag1 Quo?

Supported values:

Copy and change the variables you want to use, based on your Drupal version.

6.x-1.x, 7.x-1.x

$conf['tag1quo_token'] = MY_API_TOKEN;
$conf['tag1quo_siteid'] = MY_SITE_ID;
$conf['tag1quo_enabled'] = TRUE;

6.x-2.x, 7.x-2.x

$conf['tag1quo_api_token'] = MY_API_TOKEN;
$conf['tag1quo_siteid'] = MY_SITE_ID;
$conf['tag1quo_enabled'] = TRUE;

8.x-2.x, 3.0.x

$config['tag1quo.settings’][‘api'][‘token’] = MY_API_TOKEN;
$config['tag1quo.settings’][‘enabled’] = TRUE
$config['tag1quo_siteid'] = MY_SITE_ID;