Viewing Site Details

January 28, 2022

From the dashboard, click a site tile to view details about your site, including information about all installed modules and themes. A dialog box with color coded tabs displays.

The info (i) icon next to the site title provides useful information about your site including:

  • API Version (Quo): 2.1
  • Base URL: Where the Tag1 Quo module is installed and reporting from
  • Last Update: The last time this website reported to Tag1 Quo
  • PHP Self: /index.php
  • PHP Version: Which PHP version the website is using
  • Server Name: The website’s server name
  • Server Address: Website IP address

Extension table

The Extension table displays the list of modules and themes, in alphabetical order. Each table entry includes:

  • A left sidebar line. The color of this sidebar line indicates its status, and matches the color of the tabs.
  • Extension - The name of the installed module or theme (Sortable).
  • Installed version - The currently installed version (Sortable).
  • Latest release - The latest version available upstream for this module. The Druplicon in the upper right corner indicates a release.

Colors in the extension table are based on the current module state:

  • Insecure (Red) - Insecure modules or themes

  • Unknown (Orange) - Modules marked Unknown may be:

    • Custom modules
    • Modules with a higher version number than the available release
    • Modules where Tag1 Quo could not find an upstream project matching the extension name Tag1 recommends reviewing the list of unknown modules and indicating which are custom.
  • Update available (Blue) - Modules or themes which have available non-security updates.

  • Up to date (Green)- Fully up to date modules.

  • Custom (Purple) - Modules that you have indicated are custom for your site are indicated with a purple line. To mark a module as custom, toggle the Custom switch located on the extension modal.

  • No applicable releases - These modules are available on, but do not have a release applicable to the site’s current version.

Click any extension to see and apply available updates.

Note: In order to access some features, you may need an enterprise subscription.