Applying Updates and Patches

December 15, 2021

When viewing a site, you'll see separate tabs for modules and themes. Click on the name of the corresponding module or theme to access any available updates and follow the instructions to update.

The Project Information expander provides information about the module or theme such as corresponding module package, status, description, and filename.

After updating a module on your site, the Tag1 Quo service will update to reflect a new status during the next scheduled cron run. You can also send an update manually from admin/settings/tag1quo/status on your Drupal 6 site and then refresh the Tag1 Quo site to see updated status immediately.

Applying Tag1 Quo Pre-Patched Releases

By default, Tag1 Quo will notify you and provide a link to a pre-packaged release when there is an applicable security update to one of your installed Drupal projects. Use the direct link to the Tag1 Quo pre-packaged release to secure your site, updating the applicable module or theme following your normal update process.

Applying Tag1 Quo Patches

If you prefer to apply patches (vs. pre-packaged releases) to known security issues with your Drupal projects, you can set this preference in your account settings. You will now receive notifications and links to patches that address relevant security issues.

For general information on applying patches in Drupal, see Applying patches.