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Tag1’s Drupal 7 Contributions

Tag1 Consulting is the #2 overall contributor to Drupal core, and we’ve been part of the Drupal community since the beginning. For over 20 years, Tag1 Consulting team members have helped create, build, and maintain Drupal core and major contributed modules in use on websites all over the world.

No need to get off Drupal 7

Drupal 7’s end of life is slated for November 2022. Even then, you may not be ready or able to move. Covid has made planning difficult for companies and developers to plan and execute migrations. Drupal 7 may be the platform that works best for you, and you want to stick with it. Tag1 Consulting plans to support Drupal 7 for the next decade; Tag1 Quo can help ensure you’re ready - now, and for the future.

Support team

With Tag1 Quo, you get access to Tag1’s team of experts. Our wealth of knowledge comes from leaders with decades of experience maintaining and contributing to Drupal.

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